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  • Suggestion to visit places in and around Geneva

    I am coming to switzerland for office work, I will reach Geneva on 30-04-16 (morning) and have to leave on 06-05-16.

    I will be free on Saturday, sunday (30-04-16 & 01-05-16) and in the evenings after 5:00 pm (from 2nd to 5th May). My accomodation is booked in Geneva so I have to come back every night.

    Please suggest me best places to visit in and around Geneva, which I can cover in this time.


    jonas bernstein

  • place to visit around Geneva, To many, Annecy is the most beautiful city in all of France. The city … Lausanne has also become a hot spot for clubbers from around the region. … transforms into the coolest place in Switzerland during the world famous Montreux jazz festival… car cab.ch